mayo 12, 2007


I’m dreaming about Africa and Africa is dreaming about me
I can see the warm wind running in the Kalahari
and she can see my spirit is free
I can feel the dry long grass dancing in the wind
And Africa feel my wrinkle black hair that touch its dirt
I smell an Africa full of wild animals
The skin, the tail and the fly that stay in it

I am dreaming about an Africa that can dreams about me

I can hear the bushmen hunting
They are looking for me
I let myself drop in the ground, the wind on my back, the dirt on my face
My open senses can only feel an Africa that somehow it belong to me

The Kalahari is trembling, the bushmen are shivering the ground, the giraffes, the elephants are all coming to me
Please don’t let my dream to end
We are going to the waterhole, the bushmen are here
They will dance, they will heal
They will let Africa to dreams about me
Because I belong to Africa and Africa is calling for me.

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Anónimo dijo...

i'm dreaming about africa and africa is dreaming about me.... a conection with the earht, with nature, a hiden instict insdie us, a strong feeling of belonging.... nice